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About Robert DeFelice & Associates

Robert DeFelice & Associates (RDA), conveniently located in Burlington, MA, (only 10 miles west of Boston) is recognized as one of the most experienced, award-winning industrial design and mechanical engineering firms in Greater Boston and New England, designed more than 200 products for more than 170 clients, including Fortune 100, since 1980.
RDA received multiple design awards including winning 4 out of 5 design competitions against other industrial design firms.  Clients appreciated RDA's distinctive, triple benefits of sleek styling, value-added mechanical engineering and modest fees.
"We interviewed 7 design firms and chose DeFelice & Associates because they offered the best combination of design, engineering and reasonable fees," said COO Solidscape.
Bob DeFelice, the principal, is one of the very few industrial designers (Massachusetts College of Art and Design) also degreed and experienced in mechanical engineering (Wentworth Institute of Technology) and engineering management (Northeastern University).  This ideal combination of art and science allows easy, cognitive collaboration with the client's marketing and engineering staffs to determine optimum product solutions that result in desirable products that can be manufactured at reasonable cost.  He's been guest lecturer and mentor at MIT and Boston University, adjunct art and engineering professor at Endicott College and Massasoit College, and featured in numerous publications including Design News, The Boston Globe, and Appliance Design.
"Get him, he's the best industrial designer in New England," said R&D Manager, Zymark Corporation.
RDA specializes in creating high sales appeal products in a very rapid, fast-paced timeframe, complete industrial design and mechanical engineering, value engineering, full 3D and 2D documentation, modeling, and vendor recommendations in as few as 8-10 weeks.  Most products designed by RDA realized increased sales and reduced manufacturing costs.
"If we had done the engineering here, it would have taken us another 3 months," said Dennison Manufacturing Company engineering manager.
"When Bob and his team did the design and engineering, everything went very smoothly. When our engineers got involved, things got screwed up," said Ion Track Instruments R&D Manager.
RDA are easy to work with and always anxious to create award-winning products that will help beat your competition.
They're as close as your telephone whenever you wish to discuss new product development. 
Call Bob DeFelice, 978-774-4420, for initial discussion of benefits for your company.
Creating desirable products that will beat your competition
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