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Humantics Excalibur

Humatics is a new, innovative company developing advanced products and systems that locate people and objects within 5 millimeters.  


Humatics asked Robert DeFelice & Associates to create a sleek, wrist-worn, personal locator whose geometry would be similar to a Fitbit (personal care instrument).  Bob DeFelice designed and engineered Excalibur and presented a working, aluminum model to Humatics in only 3 weeks!

"You are magic man," exclaimed Humatics CEO.



Pace Medical asked Robert DeFelice & Associates (RDA) to create a sleek, compact, battery-powered Pacemaker (device that provided electrical jolt to patient's heart) that a cardiac patient could attach to his/her upper arm with a strap.  Wires extended from Pacemaker into the patient's chest.  Pacemaker required a hinged transparent cover over its controls and a hanger if the Pacemaker were attached to an IV pole with patient in resting position.


Our sleek design solution for low-cost injection molded ABS included two spring-loaded drawers for two 9-volt batteries that powered Pacemaker, molded in slots for the arm belt, a simple but elegant u-shaped hook for the IV pole, efficient, two-piece injection molded housing and injection molded, snap-on transparent cover.  The GUI was designed for clear operator understanding and convenience.  Light gray was selected as a neutral, restful color.

RDA provided a complete design and engineering packing including GUI design, all manufacturing data and documentation, DFMA, vendor referrals and prototype models.

Pace Medical Pacemaker
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