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Client Compliments

Robert DeFelice & Associates (RDA) received many compliments from its clients for RDA's imaginative design solutions, value-added mechanical engineering, rapid schedule, and modest fees.  Some of those include:

1.  "Bob, working with you and your team was fast, easy and good price."

        VP R&D Thermofisher


2.  "Get him (Bob DeFelice), he's the best industrial designer in New England."

        CEO Avila, R&D Director Zymark


3.  "You're Magic Man!"  (Bob designed, engineered and produced a prototype of Excalibur, a           wrist-wearable instrument in only 2-1/2 weeks).

        CEO, Humatics

4.  "We interviewed 7 industrial design firms and selected DeFelice & Associates                            because they offered the best combination of design, engineering, experience and modest        cost."

        COO Solidscape


5.  "When Bob and his team did all of the design and engineering, things went pretty smoothly          and fast.  When our engineers got involved, things got screwed up."

        VP R&D Ion Track Instruments


6.  "We relied on Bob and his team to determine the best ergonomics for our instruments,                  some of which were portable, some walk-through."

        VP Marketing, Ion Track Instruments

7.  "You saved us about $150,000.00 in consulting fees compared to the other industrial                    design company we hired."

        Director R&D, Rapid MicroBiosystems Inc.

8.  "If we had done the engineering documentation here, it would have added three months to          the schedule."

        Director of Engineering, Dennison Manufacturing

9.  "DeFelice & Associates is the best value industrial design firm in Greater Boston.

        VP Manufacturing, Xyplex Inc.

10.  "You exceeded our expectations!  Our manufacturing costs went down about 30%, we                 were hoping your cost reduction efforts would have produced about 12% reduction."

        VP Manufacturing, Foxboro Company


11.  "You've taken us to the next level."

        CEO, iCad


12.  "You do good work."

        President, Brookfield Engineering


13.  "We used a much bigger industrial design firm before, your company saved us about 70%            in fees"

        Mechanical Engineering Manager, Millipore Corporation


14.  "You're the first industrial designer I ever worked with who designed products that                      look good and are easy to manufacture."

        Sr. Mechanical Engineering Consultant, Millipore Corporation


15.  "Your company has the big three: Sleek design, lots of experience and modest costs."

        Sr. Program Manager, Kaye Instruments


16.  "Your imaginative designs beat the competition in both styling and engineering."

        VP Engineering, Kaye Instruments


17.  "Call Bob (when we need design help)."

        VP Business Development, Zymark

Creating desirable products that will beat your competition
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