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Rapid, Remote R&D

Now you can get rapid, remote design, engineering and documentation solutions from Robert DeFelice & Associates (RDA) without leaving your offices or paying for on-site visits from RDA staff.
RDA can easily and quickly complete entire programs via email and telephone engaging state-of-the-art CAD (Solidworks, Inventor, Keyshot) coupled with RDA's 40+ years of experience.
Propel Labs in Ft. Collins, CO, asked RDA to redesign its Avalon Cell Sorter for RIM (molding).  It's previous design consultants had failed to properly engineer the molded plastic parts (all housing and internal parts).  RDA quickly reviewed Propel Labs' CAD files and modified all of the parts by adding appropriate draft, ribs, wall thicknesses, fillets, and design features appropriate for efficient RIM.
RDA provided 3D and 2D Solidworks files ready for tooling and manufacturing in only 4 weeks without a single visit to Ft. Collins by RDA staff or a single visit to RDA's offices by Propel staff.  All communications between respective staffs was cordial, professional and efficient that resulted in rapid transition to successfully molded parts and successful Cell Sorter.
Creating desirable products that will beat your competition
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