Before, Model 3900
Easy-lift, counterbalanced window

Advanced Instruments asked Robert DeFelice & Associates to create a high visibility, high value image for Advanced Instruments' A2O, its first, fully automatic osmometer to replace the former Model 3900. 


Our award-winning design is a sleek, sculpted instrument  with significant ergonomic benefits for lab personnel including a counter-balanced,  easy-lift window for loading and unloading samples, on-board cleaning solutions, easy-to-use display, and convenient, top-access printer.  Our easy-to-manufacture,  A2O design features multiple RIM (reaction injection molding) urethane parts and formed polycarbonate window that is bonded to its frame with adhesive hidden behind our blue accent trim. 


"You're our industrial designer," said Advanced Instruments CEO after learning of the design award from Appliance Design.


We provided a complete package of handsome styling, efficient mechanical packaging of internal components with minimum fasteners, engineering of the counterbalanced mechanism, 3D and 2D DFMA documentation  and vendor recommendations. 


Appliance Design magazine awarded a silver medal to Robert DeFelice & Associates  for the A2O in its Excellence In Design 2013 review.


Model 3320 

Old Model 3300 

Advanced instruments asked Robert DeFelice & Associates to redesign its Model 3300 osmometer which included a vertical syringe (sampler) that was inserted into the sample chamber and was difficult to clean. Additionally, the 3300 sheet metal housing was expensive to manufacture and assemble. 


Our sleek, easy-to-manufacture, Model 3320 design solution included major benefits: (1) easy access to the sample chamber via horizontal syringe, (2) easy chamber cleaning by removing the snap-on housing, (3) low cost, easy to assemble, 2-piece pressure formed housing, (4) low profile, smaller footprint design requiring less lab bench space, (5) ergonomically desirable, easy to read lab technician's controls, and (6) lighter weight, easy portability and reduced shipping costs.  Disposable items are conveniently located near the user-friendly display. 

"Your new design has increased our sales compared to the 3300," complimented AI's sales manager.


We provided a complete package of high visibility styling, efficient mechanical packaging with minimum fasteners of the internal components, mechanical engineering of the pressure formed housing and pressure formed hood over the syringe dock, COTS fasteners, 3D and 2D DFMA documentation  and vendor recommendations.

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