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AOI (Automated Optical Inspection, Inc.) Optical PCB Scanner

AOI Scanner cleaned up.jpg

Robert DeFelice & Associates was asked to design a sleek, large PCB optical inspection system composed of a moving conveyor belt under a CCD camera system with 24, 35 mm camera lenses focused on PCBs moving below them.  The lenses were mounted in a slide-out fixture that allowed for easy assembly, before insertion into the inspector, and maintenance.  Below the camera lenses was a large lamp illuminating the inspection area.

Below the conveyor were multiple card cages, blower, power supply, and other system components assembled to a simple steel frame that was enclosed with equally simple-to-manufacture steel panels and removable doors for easy assembly and maintenance.  The handsome styling is easy to clean and includes emergency shut-off switches at each end. 


We provided a complete package of handsome styling, efficient mechanical engineering for the structure, panels, doors, pressure formed e-switch cups, packaging of internal components, locks and minimum COTS fasteners, and all DFMA documentation  and vendor recommendations. 

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