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Aries Medical asked Robert DeFelice & Associates to design a sleek, mobile, intra-aortic balloon pump system for cardiac care.  The system was intended both for hospital use and airborne helicopter transport of balloon pump and patient which required fastening points on the pump for helicopter straps.  Aries Medical was a start-up looking for a sleek design solution that could be manufactured inexpensively.  They were initially told to consider structural foam molding which would have been very expensive for their low quantity production schedule. 


Our imaginative, 3-color, low cost design solution was handsome, easy-to-clean sheet metal panels and door over an aluminum frame, aluminum tubing handle, and a pressure formed, ergonomically designed, hinged controls panel for easy assembly and maintenance of internal electrical and electronic components.  Our sleek, trim cabinet  enhanced sales appeal and immediate acceptance by hospital staff.  The front door allows easy access to filters, pump, and other mechanical parts while the gas tank fits easily into a side cavity.  Foam bumpers at the midpoint and bottom protect the system and hospital walls, also provide transportation strap pass-throughs at the bottom bumper.  Locking casters were included.  


"Your design and engineering gave us a nice-looking pump but didn't cost us a lot to make," said the Aries R&D manager.


We provided a complete package of handsome styling, efficient mechanical engineering for the low cost structure and enclosure sheet metal, pressure formed controls panel, GUI design of the controls, internal packaging, minimum COTS fasteners, and all DFMA documentation  and vendor recommendations. 

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