Bard Access Systems asked Robert DeFelice & Associates to design a sleek, high visibility anesthesiologist's patient monitor that displays a patient's consciousness.  We comfortably worked with Bard's staff to determine ideal ergonomic features including optimum controls, size, shape, and color, and their location.  The monitor is typically mounted on top of a (COTS) mobile stand in the OR (operating room).


Our sleek design solution was two gentle, front curved surfaces and restful grays that reflect SiteRite IV's  sleep monitoring function.  The overall, smooth geometry of SiteRite IV, injection molded ABS, allows for easy cleaning and manipulation.  All of the internal components are easily attached to the back of the (front) bezel for easy manufacturing, the rear cover attached in final assembly. 


We provided a complete package of handsome styling, efficient mechanical engineering for the low cost injection molded housing, packaging of the electronics, minimum COTS fasteners, DFMA 3D and 2D documentation, and vendor recommendations. 

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