Capacitec asked Robert DeFelice & Associates to redesign Gapman, a hand-held, battery powered, gap measuring instrument that employs a copper wand placed between opposite surfaces and measures the distance between the surfaces with +/-0.003 inch precision.  The design goal was to reduce manufacturing costs and improve its sales appeal and styling.  The prior Gapman was a 2-piece, cast urethane package that was expensive to manufacture.


Our sleek, award-winning Gapman II solution was a handsome, sculpted housing with improved ergonomics and much greater sales appeal including integration of Capacitec's raised logo prominently on Gapman II's nose.  Its injection molded design reduced manufacturing costs by 82% that resulted in significant ROI for tooling and increased Capacitec profits.


"Our orders have gone up and our costs went down, the ideal situation for us," said Capacitec's CEO.


We provided a complete package of handsome styling, efficient mechanical engineering for the low cost, injection molded housing including snap-fit batteries compartment, packaging of the electronics, minimum COTS fasteners, all DFMA 3D and 2D documentation, and vendor recommendations. 

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