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Horizon Technology SmartPrep


Horizon Technology (purchased by Biotage) asked Robert DeFelice & Associates to create a sleek, high visibility image for its SmartPrep Extractor, intelligent automated solid phase extraction (SPE) system.  SmartPrep includes a rotating carousel for sample loading and lower, motorized 12-cartridge boat.


Our sleek solution includes a sheet steel enclosure with lift-up side panel on hidden hinges for easy access to peristaltic pumps and motorized infusion loader.  Operator controls are conveniently located at the front in a user-friendly, curved bezel angled at 20 degrees for ergonomically correct LCD visibility and finger activation of controls.  All sheet metal and plastic parts were assembled with hidden fasteners to enhance appearance and minimize cleaning.


"Bob DeFelice is the best industrial designer in New England," said Horizon Technology science consultant.


We provided a complete package of handsome styling solutions, efficient mechanical engineering for all of the sheet steel panels and molded plastic bezel, COTS hidden hinges, all internal structure and mounting of all mechanical and fluidic components, DFMA 3D and 2D documentation, and vendor recommendations. 

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