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iCAD Mammogram Digitizer


Separate Components

iCAD model 300 integrated system.jpg

Integrated Components

iCAD asked Robert DeFelice & Associates to create a sleek, high visibility, integrated mammogram digitizer utilizing the previous, separate components: scanner, keyboard, monitor.  Plus, include a bin to collect film mammograms after scanning.


Our high value solution includes two pressure formed front bezels, to minimize tooling costs and accelerate prototyping, separated by the keyboard in a slide-out drawer with another pressure formed front.  The LCD is housed in a sleek, silver bezel, also pressure formed, which hinged open to access any mammogram film caught in the digitizer (scanner).  The mammogram scanner and keyboard structure are mounted to a single aluminum plate which is also the rear panel of the Model 300.  Aluminum plate was also used for its stability feet.


"You've taken us up to the next level," iCAD's CEO said to me.


We provided a complete package of handsome styling solutions, efficient mechanical engineering for all of the molded plastic parts, all related structural components, COTS fasteners, DFMA 3D and 2D documentation, and vendor recommendations. 

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