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Imatron (later GE Imatron) of San Francisco retained Robert DeFelice & Associates (RDA) to create a sleek, low cost CATscan table.  The table was adjustable up and down, pivoting/slewing in an arc centered on the CATscan's chamber, tilting and the patient bed slid forward and back.

RDA's design approach included stylish, easy-to-manufacture shapes that reflected the flat surfaces of the CATscan's chamber bezel (not designed by RDA) and opposing, attractive bevels in the bed support and base.  Overall cream color was accented by black cushion bumpers and large, easy-to-grab handles on either side of the bed for slewing by technicians.  Hidden fasteners were a design priority for easy cleaning and maintenance.

RDA's manufacturing solutions included formed sheet metal (that required no special tooling) for the bed support enclosure and sheet metal for the base.  The bed support consisted of upper and lower parts that were fastened to an internal frame (enclosing the sliding mechanism) and covered with an attractive and functional black cushion strip for unintended bumps from other clinic equipment.  The base included mirror-image sheet metal skirts that snapped onto the lower support with COTS ball studs.  The identical black cushion strip was attached to the base.  Elevation and tilting was activated by an air cylinder within the black bellows.

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