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Implant Sciences retained Robert DeFelice & Associates (RDA) for its expertise in designing and engineering successful homeland security products for Ion Track Instruments which was acquired by General Electric.  Four additional products and systems including a (walk-through) portal were designed by RDA for Implant Sciences.


Implant Sciences asked Robert DeFelice & Associates to create the sleek BT-150 Quantum Sniffer portable explosives trace detection instrument for security personnel at airports and other high risk facilities.  The BT-150 sucks in air that is analyzed by a battery-powered, on-board analyzer.  Manufacturing objective was for injection molded shell and handle.


Our handsome solution included smooth curves carefully integrated with ergonomically located operator display and GUI function switches.  The comfortable operator's handle is designed to minimize arm discomfort when scanning people and/or cargo.  Battery access is through the rear door.  The top and bottom halves of the BT-150 are secured with hidden screws under the instrument.  A removable shoulder strap (not shown) was included.


We provided an industrial design package of handsome styling, mechanical engineering of the molded plastic parts, packaging of the internal components, all 3D and 2D DFMA documentation, COTS components and vendor recommendations. 

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