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Plus, In-line Air Filters and Gas Generator
CAMTU Timer.jpg
Timer, AAA Battery,
Molded Case
CAMTU UMassTester

Parker Balston asked Robert DeFelice & Associates to create a handsome, portable air quality testing device, CAMTU, based on science developed at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  CAMTU is an acronym for "compressed air microbial test unit" that includes a Petri dish with agar, a chemical that encourages airborne bacterial growth.  CAMTU is opened after a short period of time of air pumped through CAMTU, the Petri dish is removed and examined for any bacterial growth.


Our sleek designs incorporated a comfortable handle that seamlessly flowed into the compressed hemisphere over the Petri dish.  Additionally, we introduced polypropylene and its singular benefit of molded-in snap latch which eliminated secondary, locking hardware and maintained a consistent, clean, laboratory fit and finish.  CAMTU's "living hinge" is also a molded-in, polypropylene benefit.  Parker's logo is smoothly engaged on the hemisphere.


We also designed CAMTU's AAA battery-powered timer that fits in CAMTU's handle and blinks a red LED telling lab technicians when to remove the Petri dish.  The timer's enclosure is also molded in one piece polypropylene with integral hinge and snap latch.


We provided an industrial design package of handsome styling, mechanical engineering of the molded plastic parts, packaging of the internal components, 3D and 2D DFMA documentation, and vendor recommendations. 

Balston In-line Air Filters.jpg
Parker Balston Hydrogen Generator, 2000.

Parker Balston asked Robert DeFelice & Associates to create a sleek line of in-line laboratory air filters of different air handling capacities enclosed in a die cast aluminum shell.  Balston developed a visible filter quality indicator that ranged from green, clean filter, to red signaling time to change the filter. 


Integrating Parker's filter quality indicator, we created high visibility shells that separated Parker Balston's handsome filters from competitive filters that resembled industrial plumbing fixtures.  Our designs included a screw, easy-off cap for convenient filter replacement and bold graphics to further emphasize Parker Balston's quality image.


We provided an industrial design package of multiple, handsome styling concepts and mechanical documentation to assist Parker's engineering team that completed the die cast molding data.

Parker Balston retained Robert DeFelice & Associates (RDA) for its expertise in designing and engineering successful filtration products for Millipore, Koch Membrane Systems and Amicon.  Since 1990, RDA created multiple product lines for Parker, formerly Balston Corporation.


Parker asked Robert DeFelice & Associates to create a line of hydrogen and nitrogen gas generators of varying capacities for use in laboratories.  While Parker developed the separation of hydrogen and nitrogen molecules from water and air, RDA created sleek, low cost enclosures with handsome pressure formed bezels that were manufactured with low cost tooling in a rapid timeframe. 


Our first line of generators in 1990 included modest curves and understated professional quality accented by molded-in grooves that provided handsome instruments in a modern laboratory.  Each bezel was fastened to an internal frame that was covered by a sheet metal hood.


Our second line of generators in 2000 (above) included more generous curves and upper bevel for displaying Parker's logo.  The distinctive, subtle groove styling from 1990 was carried into the new generators.


We provided an industrial design package of handsome styling, mechanical engineering of the molded plastic parts, packaging of the internal components, DFMA documentation, and vendor recommendations. 

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