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Robert DeFelice & Associates (RDA) created high value, successful surgical instrumentation for Smith & Nephew Endoscopy, formerly Dyonics, for 15 years including handheld surgical instruments, surgical irrigation instruments, and instrument controllers.


Smith & Nephew/Dyonics (S&N) asked RDA to create the new EP-1 arthroscopic surgical instrument controller that would reflect S&N's advanced instrumentation for doctors who performed elbow, knee, and mandibular joint arthroscopy.  RDA's design should include an injection molded bezel with sheet metal chassis.


Our sleek, easy-to-manufacture, EP-1 design solution included a curved bezel that established a distinctive identity coupled with simple, easy-to-read digital display and front-access user connectors and controls generously spaced apart for optimum OR (operating room) convenience.  The sheet metal cover very easily slides under and behind the molded bezel and attaches with 2 rear screws for fast assembly and easy maintenance.  The blue and white colors were per S&N's corporate identity.


We provided a complete package of high visibility styling, efficient mechanical engineering of the molded bezel, electronic packaging with minimum fasteners of the internal components including Faraday Cage behind the bezel, COTS fasteners, and DFMA documentation  and vendor recommendations.

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