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Ztel Telsets


Ztel, a private communications systems company (partially funded by GE) asked Robert DeFelice & Associates (RDA) to design 3 desktop Telsets, each one reflecting increased user features and establishing a desirable family aesthetic.

RDA carefully analyzed ergonomic benefits and styling features including proper 13 degree angle for the keypads, 30 degree angle for the LCD, integrating the styling of the (assigned) off-the-shelf handset, and distinctive styling that was easy to clean and handsome addition to desk fittings.

The Z/4 provided convenient functionality in a sleek case with a comfortable, off-the-shelf handset.  Z/12 offered additional memory features and conveniences. 


Z/28 was the premium communication system providing many more direct-dials, inter-office accesses, and optimum LCD that carefully integrated sleek styling and best human factors resulting in user compliments.


RDA's designs were injection molded from RDA's complete engineering documentation. 

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